Soap for Water Initiative (Maji Masafi)

This project was supported by Maji Masafi Initiative. The project revolved around building capacities of Maasai women groups on entrepreneurship, skills of making, packaging, marketing and selling of liquid soap with a view of building household income. Six groups were trained and supported with soap making business start- up materials. These include; Naboisho Women Group, Oloshaiki women group, Kilonito oloirien women group, Namayiana Women group, Olasaru Women group and Engiriata women group.

Community Dialogues on the use of climate information (Tambua and wazo award)

Emayian organization won the Wazo and Tampua prices from climate information to support packaging and dissemination of climate information to Maasai pastoral communities in Kajiado County through a mobile sms platform and community dialogues. The aim of this initiative is to educate communities on the use Integrated scientific and local knowledge climate information to make informed decisions regarding their livelihoods. Climate information and scenarios are produced in the Participatory Scenarios Planning (PSPs) for Kajiado county then we disseminate them to communities.

Children conservation initiative (Green Africa Foundation)

As an organization we believe in eco green sustainable environments. This project champion’s conservation and climate change initiatives through children. We introduced conservation clubs and educated the children to be good stewards of their school and communities environments. We have supported the planting of 4000 tree seedlings in 15 schools in Kajiado central and west sub-counties. Our tree planting initiatives have been supported by Green Africa Foundation and the Ministry of Environment, land and natural resources within Kajiado County.

Women Integrated Livelihoods Restoration (Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian church)

This is an integrated approach to development that aims at supporting poor household holistically to understand and access alternative sources of livelihoods. The project components include poultry birds for 500 Kipeto women, bag gardens, biogas and a borehole to address acute water shortage in Kipeto village. The project goal was to address food security as well as building household income so that poor women and her children can attain basic living standards.

Governance Project

The governance project  supported by Action Aid works with  the vulnerable communities within Kajiado County to understand the devolved system of governance and their constitutional human rights. This initiative empowers the county citizen forums within the different sub-county to monitor the ward budgetary allocation and implementation to enhance accountability of public funds. This initiative empowers the local people to appreciate the different natural resources within their reach and collectively use them to advance living standards. Under this initiative we have had the land advocacy campaign to advance the rights of women and children in matters of land.