About us

Emayian organization is a non-governmental organization registered under the NGOs council of Kenya. We are an indigenous women led organization that stands for the rights and sustainable livelihoods of women, youth and children within the  Maasai community in Narok and Kajiado counties

Our mission

To work with the poor and vulnerable groups of people to eradicate poverty through dealing with factors that cause it and liberating people from its devastating effects.

Our vision

To see a society that is just, democratic and equitable in which all people have the right to a life of dignity.

What we do

our work is centered on five themes described below

This programme aims at building resilience among communities and mitigating effects of climate change, promoting green energy in schools and villages. We also promote conservation initiatives through policy advocacy at the county level and capacity building of women, youth and children. With the support of ministry of land, wildlife and natural resources EIDO has planted 3500 tree seedlings in 10 schools in Kajiado west and central. We also partner with Green Africa foundation and the Kenya climate change working group in our climate change initiatives in Kajiado County. With the support of Climate Information Price (Tekeleza and Uwezo Initiatives) EIDO is disseminating climate information through a mobile platform and other IEC materials to children and farmers in Kajiado west and central sub-county.  We are also educating the pastoralist on use of climate information to make informed decision in regard to their livelihoods.

This programme seeks to promote mother and child health through capacity building and medical camps outreaches in villages and schools within Kajiado County. We partner with ministry of health in Kajiado county, Africa footprints, community health partners and churches in the USA. We have annual medical outreaches in villages and quarterly health education in different schools within Kajiado west and central sub-counties.

This programme aims at improving access to water resources for schools and community total led sanitation initiatives in the villages. We have partnered with different organizations in the past to implement water project like Ewuaso Ngiro South Development Authority (ENSDA), Presbyterian Women USA through the Thank- offering grant and Japan embassy. We are currently building the capacity of women groups in Kajiado west in soap making in order to improve basic household hygiene and improve household income through regular soap sales. Improved household income for women aims at supporting children education to improve literacy and living standards of the general community.  This is supported by Maji -Masafi Initiative and the Lottery club in the USA. We have been sensitizing the community on the use of latrines with a view of addressing water- borne diseases like typhoid & diarrhea and trachoma that emerge from open defecation. We receive technical support from the ministry of water in Kajiado County.

This initiative promotes children rights, increase enrolment, retention, performance and transition of pupils and students to tertiary levels of education in partnership with ministry of education in Kajiado County. EIDO has carried out the STOP! drug abuse campaign in 10 schools in Kajiado west with support of HIVOS international. EIDO host and coordinates Kajiado Children Stakeholders Network –KACCSNET that represent 60 organizations across the county who focus on child advocacy issues. This platform supports our advocacy work and enriches our mentorship projects for children in Kajiado County. We have also carried out a campaign on drug & substance abuse in schools with support of HIVOs International. In partnership with Action Aid Kenya we are spearheading a campaign to stop violence against girls and women (VAG&W)

This programme works to revive the traditional governance systems as a mechanism to address conservation, women and child rights and education within the pastoral community. We also promote participation of vulnerable groups (Women, girls & youth) in devolved systems of governance. We carry out civic education on the provisions of the new constitution and advocacy on natural resources like land, oil and gas. We partner with Action Aid Kenya, Community Action for Nature and Conservation (CANCO), The Kenya Oil and gas working Group and the ministry of land & environment within Kajiado County.  In partnership with Action Aid- We are empowering communities to form citizens forums in the five sub-counties within Kajiado county to spearhead governance issues at the ward levels.  EIDO is the vice chair of Kajiado ASAL stakeholders forum that is anchored in national policy and works to engage the county government on policy issues and coordinate the work of different civil society organizations in the County to avoid duplication and promote positive synergy.