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Introduction to Emayian

The pastoralist communities by nature have largely their lives rotating around green pastures and water for their animals which in turn determines their livelihoods. The Maasai community who occupy 160,000 square kilometers of land with a population of approximately one half million people are no exceptional. Climate change, natural and man-made environments, feelings of successive marginalization and exclusion, lack of appropriate legal frames and strategies for conflict resolution among others have further complicated pastoralism as a strong economic activity, a way of life and a culture of Maasai community. Their cultural beliefs and practices have marginalized further women and children especially girls from enjoying their full rights as human beings. The children too generally due historical and structural factors have very poor education infrastructure thus leading to poor enrolment, retention performance and transition from one level of education to another.


In response to some of the above challenges, Emayian Integrated Development Organization hereafter referred as (EIDO) a Non- Profit Organization (NGO), was registered in the year 2012 by the National Council of NON-Governmental Organizations. Previously Emayian was founded in the year 2009 as a self-help group with the Social services as Emayian Development Programme. It acquired the name EIDO when its status changed from a self-help group to a Non-Governmental Organization.


Emayian Integrated Development Organization (EIDO) is working with the Maasai people in Kajiado and Narok Counties in Kenya. EIDO has now widened its scope of operation from one village when it was a self-help group to cover two counties. Previously EDP focused in Kipeto village within Keek onyokie south with small scale initiatives targeting women and children. Emayian Organization is a service delivery organization which addresses the needs of the poor and vulnerable groups. As an organization we promote right based approaches where we build the capacity of poor people to demand for their own rights.

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